Grounding / Earthing

It is amazing how something as simple as taking off your shoes and socks and walking barefoot can change your entire life. Walking outside and becoming one with Mother Earth is something that our not so distant ancestors did far more frequently than we do today. The earth is filled with electrical charge that is beneficial to our health, but very often we aren’t accessing this natural energy. Our modern lifestyle is filled with rubber which blocks the connection with the electrical charge of the earth. We wear rubber-soled shoes, drive cars with rubber tires, sleep on beds that are a distance from the floor and are also often in high rise buildings, and we work all day indoors at desk jobs. Grounding or “earthing” is a theory that out body can absorb energy from the earth with many benefits that range from physical to emotional. The Grounding Movement is a trend based on common sense backed up by scientific research that helps us correct the

electrical charge in our bodies so that we can live healthier lives.

Michael Sandler, a Boulder, Colorado grounding expert points to multiple scientific studies including research by the University of California Developmental and Cell Biology at Irvine (2012) suggesting that our lifestyle has separated us from the vast supply of electrons on the surface of the earth resulting in physiological changes and stress. Sandler notes that humans become positively charged when we are not connected to the earth. We even accumulate a buildup of the positive charge from the air around us because of all the electrical equipment we use and that surrounds us passively even when we aren’t using it.

In Sandler’s workshops, participants are plugged into a grounding wire and placed beneath their chair. This wire grounds them to the earth to show them how it feels. Sandler also applies a grounding patch in an area of a participant’s body that is in pain and about thirty minutes later, the pain and inflammation is significantly reduced. The implications for this work are huge. Rather than immediately downing drugs for pain, wouldn’t it be great to sit or stand in the park with your feet in the cool grass? Of course, sometimes drugs are helpful to us, but sometimes they are truly unnecessary and ineffective.

I remember being stressed a few years ago which resulted in many restless nights and exhausting days. My energy was very low, and I was feeling a little bit down emotionally. Then I heard about “grounding” and it caught my attention. The science and the simple common sense behind this approach appealed to me tremendously, so I tried it out. I simply took my shoes and socks off and walked barefoot around my backyard for about 20 minutes, leaving my cell phone inside.

As my feet touched the grass, the cool energy was like no other feeling I have ever felt.

At first, I felt a little tingly sensation that started in my feet and then ran up my body. As I closed my eyes and concentrated on the feeling I started to feel very happy. I felt as if I was becoming one with Mother Earth. I felt the earth literally holding me and absorbing my negative energy. I felt this was a real phenomenon and not my imagination, so I have continued to experiment with the practice and have guided many of my patients to do likewise, most of whom report extraordinary results.

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