Did you know that our feet affect all areas of our entire life including our health and wellness?


And did you know that the earth has a key role in connecting our feet to our mind and body? In fact, our feet are the foundation and mirror to our entire body and the secret to our health and wellness. The human feet are filled with nerves, meridians, and acupressure points that link to every organ and gland in the body. Whole Foot Revolution is a truly extraordinary adventure into health in ways that you might never have dreamed. You will learn about Energy Meridians, Grounding, Bioelectricity, Reflexology, Tong Ren, Quantum Healing, Diet, Nutrition and Meditation.

Discover the secrets to your health and wellness through your feet. Restore your bodies natural ability to heal itself.

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Dr. Anthony Weinert is an author, speaker, and foot surgeon. His clients include professional athletes, dancers, and other physicians and those who rely on balance in every way. Dr. Weinert's revolutionary ideas about feet can be found in his newest book, "The Whole Foot Revolution."

I believe in giving back, and that is why I founded a 501c3 Foundation called Shoe Pantry Plus. Everyone deserves a new pair of shoes!
— Dr. Anthony Weinert

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