Bioelectricity: What is it and why do we need to know about it?

Bioelectricity is the electrical currents occurring within, or produced by, the human body. They are essential for living, feeling and existing in our environment. They are necessary to regulate tissue and organ functions, and to control our metabolism.

After attending the World Conference for the Traditional Chinese Medicine, I was filled with questions about how the bioelectrical system fits into healing our body, mind, and spirit. Our biochemistry is based on an alkaline-acid balance. I thought about how a battery works. I wanted to connect the biochemical system with the bioelectrical system. I figured there must be more to investigate. And there was.

Although bioelectricity may seem like a complicated scientific subject, there are things you can do for yourself that can help with healing your body.

Here is a visualization exercise you can start with, right from my book Whole Foot Revolution.

Bioelectricity Visualization

  • Sit in a comfortable chair in a nice quiet space and take your shoes and socks off.

  • Place your feet on the ground and sit up with your spine straight and don’t cross your legs.

  • Close your eyes and imagine with every breath you are transporting electrons into the cells.

  • Now exhale and feel the bioelectricity flowing through your body like electrons flowing through a wire and feel the energy and charging power of your body. Feel the energy going to all your organs, glands, and each body part from your feet to your head.

Continue with this breathing exercise and visualization for at least 5 minutes.

How do you feel? This is a great practice to do every day.

When the electrical lines of our nervous system are flowing without blockages, we can naturally heal ourselves of diseases and illnesses.

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