About Dr Anthony Weinert (aka “The Sole Doctor”)


Dr Weinert is a recognized authority and leading foot health expert. Dr Weinert is the creator and founder of the Stop Feet Pain Fast Institute, a #1 source for fast foot pain relief in Michigan. Dr Weinert specializes in making happy feet for a happy life! One of the first accredited foot surgery specialty centers in the state of Michigan, Dr. Weinert has been accredited and recognized by the Joint Commission for superior patient care and safety. 

As one of Michigan's premier podiatric surgeons and philanthropist, Dr Weinert is known for his caring, educating, and his overall concern for patient care and safety. Dr. Weinert prides himself on his holistic integrative approach to foot care and to life. Where many doctors only treat feet locally, he has the unique gift of being able to link foot problems to other, more comprehensive, underlying conditions in the body. He believes in the philosophy that the foot is the foundation to the entire musculoskeletal system. Dr Weinert also served for 8 years as the Chief of Podiatric Medicine & Surgery at Henry Ford County Hospital located in Warren, Michigan. Dr Weinert plays an active role in lecturing and training to residents in the Metro Detroit area. He has published the foot health wellness book, "Stop Feet Pain Fast- A Users Guide to Foot & Ankle Health" and “The Sole Doctor’s Guide to Happy and Healthy Feet”. Dr Weinert is also the host of "Happy Feet Radio" which is the first show on iTunes dedicated to foot health and wellness. Dr. Weinert believes in the motto "Happy Feet, Happy Life!" 

Dr Weinert's life mission is to give back by serving and educating others on how to live a healthy and quality filled life. Dr Weinert is a representative of the Detroit City Council Task Force on Homelessness and a major community advocate. Dr Weinert established a 501c3 non-profit organization, Shoe Pantry Plus, to provide new shoes, boots, and socks to the homeless, veterans, disabled, and low income adults and children in the community. The Shoe Pantry Plus organization helps to keep the feet warm and protected to those that are less fortunate. Dr Weinert and his family enjoy giving back and volunteering for charities around the community. 

These qualities make Dr. Weinert the go-to expert and recognized authority for many premier national media outlets, including radio, TV, internet and magazines, when it comes to articles and information on foot health and wellness 

His passion, personality, sensitivity, and bedside manner with his patients is absolutely amazing and relatable to people. His positive energy and love for life is infectious. Dr Weinert believes in "Changing the world one step at a time".