Did you know that our feet affect all areas of our entire life including our health? In fact, our feet are the foundation and mirror to our entire body and the secret to our overall health and wellness.

And did you know that the earth has a key role in connecting our feet to our mind and body? The human feet are filled with nerves, meridians, and chakras that link to every organ in the body.

Whole Foot Revolution book is a truly extraordinary adventure into health in ways that you might never have dreamed. You will learn about Energy Meridians, Grounding, Bioelectricity, Reflexology, Quantum Healing, Nutrition and Diet, Meditation, and the secrets to our health and wellness through our feet.

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In fact…..

For many thousands of years, people walked barefoot or wore make-shift foot coverings, and used herbs, plants, and oils to heal their feet. Since the advent of mass-produced shoes and modern civilization, feet are often covered in synthetic socks and rubber soled shoes, and too infrequently touch the earth. Wearing shoes has distinct advantages, but I hope to show you why focusing attention on our feet, aligning them, caring for them, and letting them touch the earth is something old as time and yet very revolutionary today.

In Whole Foot Revolution, you will learn a lot about feet and how important they are to your overall well-being and happiness. You will learn that the structure of the foot goes beyond its bones and muscles but is part of an intricate network of nerves that continually communicates with the brain and other organs. You will learn that neglecting your feet can create problems that can adversely affect your overall health.

As you read from chapter to chapter, you will discover a new way of looking at and relating to those two body parts that carry you through your day. This revolutionary perspective is the result of many years of study that came initially from my Western medical education and later from my immersion into traditional Chinese medicine. My knowledge and fascination with bioelectricity, quantum healing, gravity healing, and the future of foot health has added to my journey. This path to holistic health has in some ways been long, but in other ways, it has been only a little step towards the transformation of the sole of the world.

Restore your bodies natural ability to heal.